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Tired of spending hours behind your computer? Sick of getting those "where are my photos" emails?  Are you overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do on the back end of a wedding or portrait session?  Struggling to find that work/life balance?

Maybe you've felt like this

Let me begin by saying that I completely understand that hiring a personal editor is a huge step. That release of control is scary, but also the most freeing thing you can do for yourself, your family and your business! 

One thing that I noticed through my journey as a fine art wedding and portrait photographer, is how much I actually enjoy the editing process!  I love seeing how a photo transforms as you adjust and tweak the image into something your clients are going to gush over.

I have a keen eye for color and specialize in bright, light and airy editing styles.  In addition, I set a primary focus on the achievement of clean and accurate skin tones.  

My one-on-one service allows us to build trust and focus on matching your unique editing style. 



It Doesn't Have to be That Way

I understand that photographing weddings and portrait sessions are simply amazing, while being strapped to your computer editing for hours isn’t quite as exhilarating.

Outsourcing your editing can bring you much needed change to your business and personal life!


Revamp your workflow & increase turn-around time

Sound like what you're craving for your business? Keep reading! 

Enhance your client experience

Give you back your freedom for personal & family time

Grow your business

One-on-one service allows us to build trust in the editing process

Focus on meeting your unique editing style

Gorgeous, cohesive images that blend throughout the day

Efficient 5-7 business day turn-around period

Open communication & feedback throughout the entire process


Personalized boutique editing for wedding & portrait photographers who specialize in bright, airy, timeless images.

The Experience


Once I receive your catalog via Dropbox, an invoice will be generated.  Once the invoice is satisfied, I will begin the editing process on your gallery.  Turn around times are generally 5-7 business days. Once complete, you'll receive a new LR smart preview catalog containing the edited images.  

Ongoing feedback is encouraged and is part of our partnership!

After photographing the session/event,  you'll edit several anchor images from various lighting conditions from throughout the day for me to use as a baseline to match.  Then, the LR smart previews you'd like me to edit and/or cull will be sent via Dropbox. 

Once you've booked your wedding or portrait session, you'll need to reserve a date in my calendar to ensure a spot in my editing schedule.  Early reservation is encouraged!

A simple process which brings big
impact to your business!

How it Works



per image

 Preset application,
 LR adjustments for color correction, white balance, exposure, contrast, cropping, & straightening.

BONUS: Add culling $0.05 per image 


Boutique editing to match your signature style. You select your level of service from basic edits to full-service Lightroom editing.

Ready to Get Started?




per image

Indecisive or simply need someone to quickly choose the best of the best?





per image

Preset application, basic LR adjustments for exposure & white balance.



To reserve your editing tasks in my calendar, you’ll need to email me to go over the details of your editing needs. I'll then send a questionnaire to find out more about your business and editing style to see if we'd be a good fit! 

i'd love to work with you!  how do I get started?

Have questions about the process?  Take a peek at some commonly asked questions regarding outsourcing your editing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you send your images to be edited, I'll send an invoice to your email. Turnaround times begin once payment is received. Portrait sessions are normally returned within 3-5 business days. Weddings, dependent on image count, are returned between 5-7 business days. 

What is your turn around time?

Weddings and portrait sessions are sent via smart preview catalogs in the newest version of Lightroom via Dropbox. I'll include an easy 3 step process on how to send them if you are new to smart previews! 

Do i need specific programs for image transfer?

Yes! In order to ensure quick turn around times, it's essential that I limit the number of clients I take on.  Because of this, early reservation in my editing calendar is encouraged. A session editing minimum of $35 is required.

Do you have a limit to how many photographers You work with?

My preferred style is light, bright and airy.  I have experience working with the major presets that cater to this style including: Noble, Mastin, Replichrome, VSCO, Katelyn James's preset, etc. I can also apply your custom preset to match your unique editing style.

Do you have experience working with my preset?

The preset I use on my own work is a custom preset I designed to achieve my signature style & is not available for purchase and/or for editing others' work at this time.  

Can you use your preset to edit my work?

Thank you!
we'll be in touch soon! 



Contact Alyssa

To inquire about boutique editing services, please fill out the form below. It's important to ensure our editing styles align from the start, so please be sure to provide examples of your work!  I accept a limited number of clients year, therefore early reservation is highly recommended.