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Ali and Alex’s Historic Stonebrook Farm microwedding was the perfect mix of sophistication and intimacy. Ali and Alex have a dream of one day owning their own lavender farm, so it made perfect sense that their wedding have a French lavender theme! (Ali and Alex put so much thought into the themed details of their day–just wait until you see their homemade lavender goat milk soaps!)

Since the pandemic, microweddings have been increasing in popularity. Because of the small number of guests and lack of bridal party, the couple is able to take a little extra time for portraits. Microweddings are perfect for couples who wish to prioritize bride and groom portraits while keeping things simple and personal.

Getting Ready

Both Alex and Ali prepared for their day on-site at Historic Stonebrook Farm. Historic Stonebrook Farm has beautiful accommodations that truly have photography in mind. The Bridal Suite at Historic Stonebrook Farm is a an absolute dream! With large windows and light neutral walls, we had plenty of light even though the day was slightly overcast. Ali invited her best friend, Em, to assist her with getting her dressed. The moments captured between the two of them are some of my favorite images of the day!

We met Alex and his brother in Milkhouse Suite where he prepared for the big day. After photographing him getting dressed and capturing a few groom portraits in the suite, Ali’s mom snuck in to pin his boutonniere. It’s so fun when we are invited to capture little moments like this that would otherwise be forgotten in the excitement of the day!


Leading up to the wedding day, thunderstorms were in the forecast. Although they had a solid rain-contingency plan, they both were really hoping for an outdoor ceremony. As luck would have it, we were blessed with a break in the weather which gave us just enough time for them to have their ceremony outside underneath the old ash tree at Historic Stonebrook Farm!

Historic Stonebrook Farm Portraits

Before the ceremony, we checked the weather radar and saw a large, red blob approaching us on the map. As Alex and Ali made their way back down the aisle their friends and family showered them with lavender. In the same moment, the sky opened up and it began to rain. In knowing that the weather was only going to get worse, we decided to quickly begin their portraits to ensure we were able to deliver them a full, beautiful gallery of portraits of the two of them. Sometimes game-day decisions like this end up ensuring we are able to capture the day as well as possible!


Since the radar indicated the storms would continue to get worse, we captured family portraits inside the safety of the 1837 field stone barn. Having a solid space that is large enough to accommodate groups of people for portraits in situations like this is so important! We were so thankful to have this space to be able to capture portraits with their families.

Peace Valley Lavender Farm

No French lavender themed wedding would be complete without portraits at a lavender farm! Ali was able to get special permission to visit Peace Valley Lavender Farm for some final bride and groom portraits. With the thunder rolling in the background, we worked as quickly and efficiently as possible to capture beautiful portraits for them to treasure always.

Following their portraits at the lavender farm, Ali and Alex headed to Artisan Wine and Cheese Cellars in Bethlehem where they joined their small group of friends and family for an evening of acoustic music, a delicious dinner, and incredible desserts like lavender blackberry wedding cake and French macaroons.

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Jul 9, 2021

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