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On the morning of Julie and Jake’s Trexler Nature Preserve engagement session, the forecast was perfect! About an hour before we were set to meet, the wind picked up and dark clouds rolled in over the mountain. The once beautiful forecast changed to thunderstorms with the heart of the storm cruising right through Trexler Nature Preserve.

As soon as I realized the forecast was changing, I gave Julie a call to let her know we’d need to think about rescheduling.  She mentioned that they were already on their way, so we collectively decided to meet as planned and capture what we could before the storm set in.

As I was driving, I prayed SO hard that the storm would hold off in order to give us enough time together.  I would have felt terrible for them to have driven all the way to the Lehigh Valley only to have to turn back around!

When I arrived at Trexler Nature Preserve, I saw two good omens, a butterfly and a mama deer with her fawn, and knew everything would be just fine.

Shortly after, Julie and Jake arrived so full of energy and excitement for their engagement session.  (I just love a couple who won’t let a little rain steal their joy!) We began the session straightaway, determined to beat the storm.  As we settled into our flow, the clouds disappeared as quickly as they had come in and we were rewarded with crystal clear skies and amazing glowy light!

To think we almost rescheduled!  I am so glad Jake & Julie were game for taking a gamble.  Sometimes rolling the dice just pays off!


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Jun 26, 2020

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