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Where to begin…well, we’re approaching May and we’re still in quarantine.  As a Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia wedding photographer, I’m usually fully immersed in wedding season during this time of year.  However, my booming spring wedding season has become a booming late summer wedding season and our 2021 is looking quite full (which I am so thankful for)!

Life looks very different.  Instead of photographing weddings, I find I’ve come full circle and am back to teaching these days.  Homeschooling is equal parts stressful and rewarding.  Believe it or not, I am really enjoying the one-on-one learning time with my girls.  It’s encouraging me to be creative in new ways and dig deep for patience I didn’t even know I had.  And I’m honestly thankful because I am certain this season of quarantine is translating into some really big life lessons.

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged or posted on social media, but everything has been put on hold so our family could adjust to our new normal.  And that’s ok!  In times like these we have three choices; we can:

  • decide to push through
  • put things on “pause”
  • make a big pivot

For now, I’ve chosen to pause.  So, this is a “check in” blog to share with you what life has looked like for the Wilburn family lately:

We’ve spent endless hours  playing games.  Our favorites are Candyland, war, and good ol’ fashioned Lite Brite. Anyone else remember these!?

We’ve been baking–a lot.  And wearing elastic waisted pants to accommodate our cookie-binging. 🙂

We’ve been quite adventurous and have explored new local hiking trails and places to sight see.  We even jumped on a section of the Appalachian Trail made it all the way to the top of the Bake Oven Knob.  From there, we were able to see our house!   The kids thought we were “on top of the world.”  It was so fun to see how excited (and fearless!) they are!

Our fishing trips were successful, though Ben ended up with a pretty wicked case of poison ivy after this little adventure–oops!

Easter looked quite different this year.  Instead of being surrounded with our giant, Italian family we had Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls to check in with everyone. (We all wore hats in honor of my Nan–so fun!).  We dyed eggs and The Easter Bunny  brought lots of goodies and an egg-hunt for two!

And in the beautiful in-between, we stayed in.  We cuddled, we played, we worked and checked in with teachers & family.  The big highlight was Miss A learning to ride her bike without training wheels!

These are not simply images; they’re memories. We’re documenting these days in quarantine because every moment is a page in our family story and in these moments, we’re finding incredible blessings and thankfulness.

“Rooted and established in love”- Ephesians 3:17



If you’re interested in booking a Lehigh Valley or Philadelphia wedding photographer, please contact Alyssa to learn more.  Alyssa resides in the Lehigh Valley and documents love stories in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland & beyond.

Apr 23, 2020

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