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Becoming a Philadelphia Wedding photographer wasn’t something I grew up knowing I was destined to do.  In fact, as a kid, I always wanted to be a teacher.  I spent hours “playing school” in my best friends’ basement and just knew that was my path.

When it was time to go to college,  I headed to Penn State (We are!) to pursue my dream (and this is also where I met Ben!).  I studied Kindergarten and Elementary Education with an academic concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences and absolutely loved it!  Shortly after graduation, I headed straight into the teaching field and took my first placement in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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Ben and I both graduated from Penn State the same year and for a time, we had a long distance relationship.   As time ticked on, we both began to realize that our relationship was becoming more serious and the long distance thing was really trying.

A Move

In December of 2007,  Ben took me to Penn State for a quick weekend trip back to our alma mater.  I had NO idea that during that little trip, he was going to propose!

As much as I loved my job in West Chester, I knew it was time for me to move on to begin my new life in the Lehigh Valley.  The following June, I packed up my classroom and headed north.

Three months later, we were married!

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captured by Loor Photography, 2008


The Next Phase

The next few years, I spent checking things off of my “pre-baby bucket list.”  During that time, I continued teaching and earned my Master’s degree in Educational Development and Strategies.  I also ran the Marine Corps Marathon (this is one of my greatest accomplishments to date!).

Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer

Finally, the time was right: it was time to begin our family.

Becoming a Mama

As someone who is a “planner,”  I was not prepared by how becoming a mother would change the trajectory of my life.  “The plan” was always for me to return to teaching.  But, as I spent those early days at home with my new baby, I began to dread the idea of going back.

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image courtesy of Freckles & Dimples Photography

Forging A New Path

Leaving my teaching job was hard.   There were lots of tears as I packed up my classroom. Teaching had been such a huge part of my identity that I had a lot of anxiety about whether or not I was making the right decision.  It’s difficult to find teaching jobs in Pennsylvania and I was giving up a great job, leaving my co-workers/friends and a school that I loved.

But, when I had moments of doubt, I kept thinking about my little girl and knew I was making the right choice for our family.

A Fresh Start

As my babe grew, I wanted to capture every phase and hang on to every moment.  I realized the only way I could stop time was through my camera.  As someone who has a passion for teaching and being a lifelong learner, I dove into learning everything I could about photography.  I took online classes, in-person workshops, joined Facebook groups, studied under professionals, and sought mentorships–anything I could do to learn and improve.

The Evolution & Today

As my confidence in my skill and ability grew, I realized that photography was the key to living the life I wanted for our family.   I wanted a career where I could be home and available for my children and husband; something that would allow me the flexibility of scheduling my own hours while being my own boss. I love that I have the ability to only accept the projects that truly speak to me: this is the key to remaining passionate.

As my business grow, I sometimes grapple with the “what’s next?”  As a planner, I can feel pressured to always a clear vision for what is ahead.  For now, I am just soaking up this season of running a thriving photography business, connecting with amazing couples, and passionately serving them on the best day of their lives!

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Alyssa is an award-winning wedding photographer based in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  We serve clients in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas of Bucks County, Lancaster, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware & beyond.  To inquire about your upcoming wedding, send me a note here!



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