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As a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I have seen many brides needing little odds and ends on their wedding day.  Cue Amazon.  Oh, Amazon, you have my heart. There’s nothing better than checking off items on your shopping list from the comforts of home!  Don’t you just adore the convenience of shopping wherever, whenever? The fast shipping?  The endless inventory of items?

Today, I’m putting together a list of FIVE practical items you need for your WEDDING DAY.  And you guessed it…they all can be found on Amazon!

Five Practical Amazon Finds for Your Wedding Day

1. Clothing Steamer

A portable steamer is a must-have for both the guys and girls on the big day.  I am a firm believer that both the bride’s and groom’s Getting Ready locations should be stocked with one!

Tightly packed garments are often wrinkled during transport. Being able to quickly release wrinkles from dresses, veils and suits can ensure everyone looks their best in your wedding portraits.

I love this handheld steamer.   It’s portable, heats up quickly, doesn’t take up much space and works perfectly!

(Pro tip:  Make sure you discuss with your bridal boutique whether or not your wedding gown & veil material are compatible with steaming!)

2. Heel Protectors

Ladies, buy some of these for yourself.  Buy some for the mamas.  Buy some for your bridesmaids.  Seriously…buy these!

Heel stoppers are amazing and an absolute must-have for outdoor weddings and outdoor portrait time.  The design prevents heels from sinking into the grass or getting stuck in places like sidewalk cracks and wooden deck slats. By increasing the surface area of the heel, you’ll be more stable and comfortable, too!

3. Emergency Kit

Every prepared bride knows to have a wedding day emergency kit.  But, what kinds of things belong inside?  First aid items, hair supplies, a sewing kit, headache relievers and extra pins are always a good start!  This Bridechilla Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Brides is the perfect gift for any bride-to-be.  It contains all the essentials and still has enough room to add more items, if you wish!

4. White Chalk

Yes, you read the heading correctly.   White chalk is a quick and easy method for temporarily disguising stains and dirt on a wedding dress.  It’s particularly handy in dealing with grease, red wine and makeup marks.   The compact size also makes it ideal for traveling with and can easily added to your emergency kit!

5. Clear Umbrellas

Every bride hopes and prays for a beautiful sun soaked wedding day, but that’s not always what Mother Nature sends our way.  Clear, bubble umbrellas can keep you and your bridal party dry during portrait time if you’d like to brave the weather and head outdoors for some photos.

I am a firm believer in being fully prepared for every situation!  Order them close to your wedding date if you don’t end up needing them they can be returned as long as they’re within the return window.

These clear bubble umbrellas are the ones I use and recommend!  Make sure to order enough for the size of your bridal party!

Alyssa is a Lehigh Valley-based wedding photographer.  We serve couples in the Lehigh Valley, Bucks County, Philadelphia, Lancaster, and beyond.  To inquire about your wedding, contact Alyssa here!


Dec 30, 2019

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