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I absolutely adore getting to know my wedding clients on a personal level.  When couples book with me, it is always my goal to connect and make sure we are the perfect fit. It’s truly the key to an amazing wedding photography experience!

So many times my brides and I find out we have tons of things in common. It’s so fun to have those “you too!?” moments while we are getting to know one another.

Today, I’ve put together a list of 10 quirky things all about ME!  Be sure to give me a shout-out in the comments below if we have any of these fun quirks in common!


Give me all the neutral colored cable knit blankets, fresh scented candles, or fluffy white towels and I am one happy lady.  I love home decor (I always wanted to be an interior designer), so there’s a good chance you may run into me perusing the aisles of my favorite store!



One of my biggest pet peeves is when my hair is in my face.  I try to wear my hair down; I really do.  But, top-knot buns and pony tails reign my world and somehow my hair always ends up.


Vit-il-what!?  Simply speaking, I have a condition that leaves me with white patches all over my body.  I even have white eyelashes!

It’s something I used to feel self-conscious about, but I’ve grown to embrace it and know it’s something unique about me.

(Fun fact:  June 25th is World Vitiligo Awareness Day! Want to learn more.  Check out this page.)


I’m more of a watch girl, than a jewelry girl.   There’s something so timeless (see what I did there?) and classic about a great wristwatch.  If I do end up wearing any jewelry, it’s usually something small and understated.  I like simplicity.



Before I became a wedding photographer, I was an elementary school teacher!  I have a Master of Science degree in Educational Development and use every single one of my teaching skills to serve my wedding clients.  I’m definitely a planner, organized, and occasionally have to use my “teacher voice” to get us through bridal party and family portraits.  😉


I LOVE historical romance novels.  Yep, the fiery paperbacks that have the swooning ladies and muscled men on the covers.


I like having a little background noise when I am working or hanging out around the house.  HGTV is usually my go-to, but I have been known to shamelessly indulge in some Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathons.


I am obsessed with Golden Retrievers.  I think it all started when I was a kid with Shadow, the Golden Retriever from Homeward Bound–anyone else love that movie!?

We have two Goldens and four of our chickens are Buff Orpingtons which are known as the “Golden Retriever of Chickens.”



Ever since I was pregnant with my two girls, overly strong scents make me queasy!  I’m super smell-sensitive, so rollerball perfumes in very light scents are my favorite.  My current favorite is Beach by Bobbi Brown.


My husband, Ben, knows that when mama has a tough day, everything can be fixed with a pack of Reese’s cups (that I promptly put in the freezer) and a Gold Peak sweet tea. We all need a little pick-me-up every now and then!


Want to get to know me better?  Send me a note here!

Sep 24, 2019

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  1. donna haas says:

    We have something very important in common. Their names are Rose and Bob!

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