10 Reasons Why It’s OK to Ditch the Bridal Party

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Wedding trends are always changing.  One trend that is gaining momentum is the idea of skipping out on having a bridal party altogether.   Some brides & grooms are choosing to go this route for many reasons.

If you and your honey are considering bagging the bridal party, here’s a few reasons why it’s perfectly fine to break the big bridal party tradition:

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  1. You’re planning a small, intimate wedding or elopement.  If you’re planning something small, it just makes sense to skip the bridal party altogether.
  2. You want to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.  If you have huge family or a large group of friends, “choosing favorites” can really cause friction.  Rather than leaving anyone out and risk hurt feelings, skipping the bridal party can avoid unwanted conflict.
  3. Your friends/family live far away.   Distance can make planning pre-wedding events like bachelorette parties, get-togethers, and gown fittings very difficult.
  4. Skipping the rehearsal dinner.   Without a bridal party, the big rehearsal dinner is another expense that can be cut out & that money can allocated elsewhere (hello, honeymoon!).
  5. You want everyone to just enjoy themselves.  If you’ve ever been a member of the bridal party, you know how expensive it can be.  Allowing your friends to attend as guests can allow them to just enjoy the day without the added responsibilities and financial burden.
  6. You’re trying to save money.  Cutting out the bridal party can eliminate some of your investment, too!  No bridal party usually means no rehearsal dinner, no bridal party gifts, reduced floral expenses on bouquets/boutonnieres, reduced expenses on gatherings and day-of transportation, etc.
  7. You want more time with your spouse on your wedding day.  Without the need for bridal party portraits, you’ll gain 30-45 minutes that you can spend taking more bride & groom portraits.  If budget is a concern, removing the bridal party factor may reduce the amount of photography coverage time you’ll need, too.
  8. You want to keep things simple.  Having a bridal party can add an element of complexity to the organization, execution, and logistics of your wedding day.
  9. You want your privacy while you get ready.   If the idea of having a ton of people around you on the morning of your wedding stresses you out, then maybe having a bridal party isn’t your best option.   Perhaps you’d like to get ready alone.  Or maybe you envision the perfect wedding morning with just your Mom and/or a close friend.
  10. Too many opinions.  Everyone has an opinion and pleasing everyone is impossible. Eliminating the bridal party can help you stay true to what you & your fiancé want for your wedding day.

Once you’ve made the decision to skip the bridal party, confidently move forward with planning the rest of your special day.  Reassure your friends and family that this is the best decision for you both, and that you have their best interests in mind, too.

Alyssa is a Lehigh Valley wedding photographer who serves the Greater Philadelphia area and surrounding areas of Lancaster, Bucks County, New Jersey and beyond.  To inquire about your wedding, send a note here!

Sep 5, 2019

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