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Though February is the shortest month of the year, this one seemed to just drag on for us Lehigh Valley folks! A few snow days and back-to-back-to-back cases of the stomach flu kept us inside for a good chunk of time. I also had a minor surgical procedure on my hand which made it difficult (and very painful) to hold my camera and shoot, so, I didn’t document as much as I’d like to. I guess you could say the theme of this month was “rest & recovery.”

However, the silver lining is that being stuck at home really helped us tackle some big house projects! We’ve continued to KonMari our home and even finally decided to put the girls together in a shared bedroom. (I’ll share a future blog on their sweet little shared space soon!)

Also, you may remember from my 2019 Goal Setting post that one of my goals was to get more connected with our church family. I am so happy to share that we are doing just that! We’ve really started to get connected with more young families like ours and I’ve also begun volunteering to capture some images for the church’s social media and web content. What a blessing to be able to use my talents to serve the Lord!

Finally, the business course I am currently enrolled in is in full swing! I am learning so many great new methods for serving my clients and enhancing their client experience. I’ve already set into motion some changes that have gotten wonderful feedback from my brides! I am just so thrilled to be connected with so many awesome couples and as of last week of February, I am 60% booked for 2020 and will be serving couples from 4 different states—how amazing is that!?

Alright, well, enough chatting! Here are some of my favorite images of our family’s story from this past month:

Our dining room gets the prettiest morning light! Fresh flowers around the house is my absolute favorite.

Ben and I got our first date night out in FOREVER! He planned the best night for us: dinner and a paint & sip class at the Hamilton in Allentown. It was SO MUCH fun!

The girls attended a school event where they met “King Winter” who gifted them with two “ice” crystals.

We also took a trip down to Ikea to stock up on fun things for our girls’ new bedroom. I am just LOVING these shots of them playing in Ikea’s rooms.

Portraits don’t always need to be formal—they can be playful and unapologetically you. If you’re loving these images, let’s get you on my calendar for a Storytelling Session!

Mar 4, 2019

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