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Winter can be such a magical time of year to host a wedding in the Lehigh Valley. The twinkling lights, the crisp weather, the possibility of snowy portraits and creating a cozy space for your guests all make the atmosphere feel so inviting and romantic. There can also be a few inevitable issues that go along with having a late fall or winter wedding, but don’t fret! With a little preparation beforehand, we can have you ready for your winter wedding without a hitch.

I’ve put together a list of a few simple tricks and tips to ensure your winter wedding goes as smoothly as possible:


Because the sun sets early in the late fall and winter months, making sure we schedule your portrait times during daylight hours is a must. This can be achieved in two ways: having an early ceremony for those who opt for a traditional timeline or schedule a “First Look” so you’re able to get all of your formal portraits completed before sunset. Keep in mind that if we have a particularly gloomy day, it can get dark very quickly.

Hope & Stay Fact: 80% of my couples opt for a First Look on their wedding day. Keep a look out for more on this in a later blog post!


If you’re cold, the camera can see it. Being prepared with cold weather apparel and accessories are essential for staying cozy during your gorgeous outdoor portraits. Thick tights or leggings that aren’t visible under your dress are a great way to keep warm. You can easily peel these off later once you’re indoors for your reception.

Gloves, warm wraps, scarves and coats for yourself and your bridesmaids can make sure everyone stays comfortable during portrait time and can be a fun way to bring in pops of color! Opting for a long-sleeved wedding dress is also an alternative option to be considered.

A cute pair of Hunter boots in your wedding color palette are also a great option in case there’s snow, mud, or ice on the ground.


While we all know the weather is out of our control, there are a few things that can be done to prepare for weather-related issues. When planning your timeline with your photographer, make sure extra travel time is factored in for the possibility of travel delays in the case poor travel conditions. Alternatively, consider hosting everything in one location to avoid having your family, guests, and vendors traveling to multiple locations.


Ladies (& Gents!) moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Cold temperatures and dry heat can all wreak havoc on your skin. Make sure you’re taking care of your skin, lips and hands leading up to and throughout out your wedding day—no one wants dry, flaky skin or chapped lips in their wedding day portraits!


Nothing warms up a ceremony or reception space like the glow of candles and twinkle lights. Sweet little touches like miniature pies, locally made honey, a s’mores bar or gourmet apple cider can be a fun way to surprise your guests while bringing the sense of comfort.

Also, consider working with your caterer to plan a delicious meal of comfort food and fun cocktails to help guests warm up.

Alyssa is a wedding & portrait photographer who serves the Lehigh Valley, the region of Philadelphia, southeastern Pennsylvania, & New Jersey. If you’re planning your own wedding, I’d love to hear from you!

Jan 23, 2019

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