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This past week, the forecast was looming with reports of an impending snow storm. Early in the week, the forecast for our area was calling for upwards of 16 inches of snow and ice. Every other Facebook post was someone sharing an updated report on this weather system we were due to experience and everything was indicating that this was going to be our first major storm of 2019.

We’re no strangers to this type of weather, so we knew that this would likely result in power outages and being stuck at home for a few days. I was secretly really excited for this! I am a total homebody and really enjoy being home with my family and our pets.

I am also a planner. I LOVE being prepared (I think this must be the former teacher in me). So, I made my grocery list and headed to fight the crowds at the supermarket with my youngest daughter. We stocked up on the essentials, made sure we had gasoline for our generator and kerosene for our heaters. We filled up our bathtubs because when you’re on a well, no power means no running water. And we made sure the chicken coop was extra cozy and comfy for our chicky girls.

On Saturday, we canceled our plans for the evening in anticipation of the big storm. I hunkered down on the couch with a cozy blanket, my laptop and some movies and then we waited.

And waited. And waited. And waited

This massive storm we were due to receive resulted in nothing more than a few inches of snow. This big event that had been built up on social media and in our minds wasn’t what we expected whatsoever!

This simple little blip made me stop and reflect for a moment on how this is so often the case with life and here’s what I realized:

We can have things mapped out in our minds. We can have the best laid plans in place. We can be totally prepared. But life can, and often does, go in another direction. What am I learning? Well, I am learning how to roll with it. “Rolling with it” isn’t something I am really good at yet (just ask Ben) but, I am learning to be more flexible. And most importantly, I am constantly being reminded that I am not in control.

I was thinking, too, how much this idea of “rolling with it” applies to my brides who are meticulously planning their wedding days. As a bride, you have a vision for what the day is going to be, how it’ll look, how it will unfold. Each detail is carefully selected, organized, and planned. But, how will you respond when something comes up or things don’t go exactly as planned? My advice here is to roll with it. Roll with it because no matter what, your wedding day is special and you only get one. Celebrate the day away and laugh at the hiccups, because at the end of it all you’ll be starting your life with the one you love and that’s truly all that matters.

‘You can make plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” -Proverbs 19:21.

Jan 21, 2019

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