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You’ve set up your hair and makeup appointment, had your ring cleaned, gone shopping and found the PERFECT coordinating outfits for you and your honey; all that is left is to find an EPIC LOCATION for your Lehigh Valley engagement portraits.  Right?  Well, not necessarily.

Guys!  Stop panicking about WHERE to have your Lehigh Valley engagement session.  Seriously.  Relax and trust your photographer.  We’ve got this!  We’ve got the knowledge, skill, and equipment to take any location and make it beautiful.  You’ve hired a professional, trust us!

So many times I speak with couples about their upcoming engagement sessions and I can hear them agonizing over the “where.”  Should we have the session in a gorgeous field of blooming flowers?  What about that cute little farm with the old barns?  Can we hike 5 miles to the top of an overlook?

I am going to drop a truth bomb on you–it. doesn’t. matter!  Yep, that’s right.  You read it correctly….the “where” doesn’t matter.  For me, as a natural light photographer, as long as I can find beautiful light, I can make ANY location work.  

I decided to take my daughter out for some portraits to prove the point that a trained professional can take ANY location and make their subjects and the surroundings look great. Ok…here’s a pull-back of the setting for my little experiment:

Yes, you’re seeing this correctly!  The portraits you’re about to see of my little miss were taken right here in my front yard; certainly NOT an epic location.  Bright 11 am sun, heavy shadows and bright patches, the neighbors trash cans sitting at the end of the driveway, a busy road with cars passing by, mailboxes, street signs, telephone poles…and the list goes on.

Before you view the final images from our quick little portrait session, I want you to keep in mind that there was NO PHOTOSHOPPING involved in the final product of these images whatsoever.   Ain’t nobody got time for that.  😉

Here’s what we created:

Say what!?  These photos were taken in that same location shown above?  YES!  

There’s so much more to creating a beautiful portrait than the background!  Your engagement portraits should be about YOU and your connection; the location is secondary to so many ingredients that come together to make a beautiful image. 

No, this isn’t a post where I am going to give away all my secrets-ha!  But, it’s meant to show you something and prove a point. The bottom line here, folks, is that your portrait session location doesn’t need to be epic to provide you with a gallery of portraits you’re going to love and cherish forever! 

A skilled wedding and portrait photographer can create an amazing portrait in any location given a few key ingredients.  Trust us and let us do the job you’ve hired us to do.  


Apr 27, 2018

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